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Call Log Assistant
Price: $1.50
What it does:

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 07-22-2010 Print

With the announcement of Android 2.2, Google made it clear that the new version of its mobile operating system would be the first to target the corporate world. The latest iteration of the platform includes robust Exchange support, plus far better security features than previous versions. All of these features are aimed specifically at pleasing corporate BlackBerry converts. For the first time, Google is showing that it has its sights set on attracting enterprise users. While issues remain when it comes to welcoming Android devices wholeheartedly into the enterprise, the devices can be attractive for a CIO. We've highlighted the available applications that will help CIOs extend the functionality of their Android devices, with the goal of achieving maximum productivity while away from the office. Android apps that are primed for today's busy CIOs include communication solutions as well as products that improve the usability of the operating system. These nine are worth downloading if you are a CIO who wants to get more out of your Android smartphone. Compare them with our 9 favorite CIO-worthy iPhone apps


Helps CIOs manage their call log lists to make it easier to find contacts.Why you need it: The average CIO receives several calls each day. Android's built-in call log doesn't provide the kind of customizability that most CIOs will be looking for. With the help of Call Log Assistant, all those troubles should go away. The app allows you to set up a calendar event from the call log, as well as delete individual items to save only those calls in the log that matter most. Call Log Assistant makes saving and sifting through past calls much easier.


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