Growth of Cloud Computing

In her first post as Editor In Chief of CIO Insight, Susan Nunziata made no bones about her bullishness for the future of mobile computing in the enterprise. We'll go one step further here, skipping right over laptops and tablets, and offer you a future where smartphones are the computing platform of choice. Few people would argue with the fact that today's smartphones are powerful enough to deliver 95 percent of the functionality a typical information worker needs during the course of a workday. Devices such as the iPhone or BlackBerry, or any of those powered by Google's Android operating system, make it a snap to manage email, communicate via text message, check the latest posts on social media sites, browse the latest news, or even prepare documents. As cloud providers such as Salesforce.com and NetSuite and Google and Amazon refine access to their services from mobile devices, traditional IT vendors such as Microsoft, Oracle and SAP will follow suit with improved mobile apps for their growing array of cloud-based applications. The need to be tethered to a PC could become a thing of the past sooner than you think. Here are the nine business drivers that will push corporate IT departments toward adopting mobile computing-focused strategies:


As cloud providers scramble to develop apps for the most popular smart phones, the idea of "having critical data at your fingertips" is taking on a lot more weight.

This article was originally published on 07-19-2010
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