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Though technology continues to suffuse the role of agency executives and brand managers across the world, does this mean the basic mission of marketing will change? Will marketers be tasked less with creativity and more with metrics, analytics, and reporting?

"Marketers still need to create that strong brand experience," ON24's Persson says, indicating that the basics of marketing cannot be ignored, regardless of available tools.

So while the use of analytics tools might now pervade the marketing department, companies still need to rely on messaging and brand support. Analytics can provide insight regarding the most perfect time and platform in which to send a message, and also what messages are most effective in resonating with clients and prospects. But in a cluttered ocean of messages, what should that message be?

As such, the fundamentals--the art--of marketing will live on. And the science of IT is there to make sure it gets noticed.

This article was produced in cooperation with Adobe Systems' CMO.com

Jake Wengroff is Global Director, Corporate Communications, Frost & Sullivan. Twitter @JakeWengroff

This article was originally published on 09-08-2010
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