Room for Improvement

Room for Improvement

Many companies fail to use the 10 most effective techniques for retaining IT talent. For example, giving IT workers additional vacation days, the sixth most effective technique, ranks 25th in prevalence in a study of 33 different retention techniques.

1 Challenging Work Assignments 1
2 Everyday Casual 11
3 Flex Time 12
4 Support for Career and Family Values 7
5 Favorable Work Environment 3
6 Additional Vacation Days/Time Off 25
7 Premium for Defined Set of Hot Skills 23
8 Project Completion Bonuses 19
9 Stay/Retention Bonuses 22
10 Project Milestone Bonuses 27

Source: William M. Mercer 2000 Attracting and Retaining High-Technology Talent Report, based on a nation-wide survey of 935 organizations from all industries.

This article was originally published on 06-01-2001
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