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Tech Jargon To Avoid in the C-Suite

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 09-09-2010 Print
You're well-versed in all the jargon that surrounds the technology industry. You're living and breathing cloud computing, virtualization, servers and blades. You're always learning about the next new "game changing technology" coming on the market. You already know that you have to keep tech-speak to a minimum if you want to sell your ideas to your C-level colleagues on the business side. But, sometimes it's challenging to make the transition between the different languages of IT and business world. When it comes time to talk things over with your company's CEO or CFO, remember that there are some words that will make their eyes glaze over, other phrases that will bog you down in endless explanations, and some that are guaranteed to cause panic. Before your next discussion with a C-level counterpart, review our list of overused tech jargon. These are phrases to avoid at all costs when meeting in the C-suite.


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