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86.7 million

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 07-24-2012 Print
When Microsoft Windows 8 launches in fall 2012 we can expect PC makers to fully capitalize on the new operating system by bringing a range of new products to market. Designed to be the replacement for the popular Windows 7, Windows 8 is expected to break new ground by bridging the gaps between computers, tablets and mobile devices operating the Windows Phone 8 OS. While PC vendors will have much to gain later this year, the impending introduction of Windows 8 is having a chilling effect on current PC sales. A recent study from research firm IDC reveals that during Q2 2012, worldwide PC shipments are flat compared with the same period a year ago. In the U.S., PC shipments dropped a whopping 10.6 percent compared with Q2 2011. IDC says "anticipation of Windows 8 and other changes later in the year" has dramatically impacted PC adoption. See how far the market has fallen, and which hardware makers are having the hardest time so far this year.


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