Gender Gap

Do you want to get away, but too often find that you can't? Join the club. An increasing number of professionals -- the majority of Americans actually -- admit that they'll wind up working while on vacation this year, according to a recent survey from TeamViewer. You can credit the economy, the ubiquitous nature of BYOD devices and a general inability to actually unplug, even when you're supposed to be getting some much-needed rest. Experts say there are ways to manage it all while still taking a break. Pick one specific time of day to check and respond to messages, and only answer those that ask for your input. It also helps to keep replies short and sweet, and to start with the last message in a chain and delete the rest. And never waste time staring at the screen while something downloads; walk away. TeamViewer specializes in online communication and collaboration solutions. More than 2,000 working Americans took part in the research.

This article was originally published on 07-19-2012
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