Forrester: Tech Generation Gap Grows

Those of you with kids in your lives will not be surprised by this: A recent study from Forrester Research reveals that the technology generation gap among Americans is growing. For its latest report, "The State Of Consumers And Technology Benchmark 2010," Forrester surveyed 43,000 American and Canadian adults by mail in 2Q 2010. Survey results were segmented by Gen Y (age 18 - 30), Gen X (age 31 - 44), Younger Boomers (age 45 - 54), Older Boomers (age 55 - 65), and Seniors (age 66 and older). While everyone's adoption of a digital lifestyle continues, Gen Y and Gen X outpace Baby Boomers and Seniors on almost everything technology related. Chances are your multigenerational IT team is universally tech savvy, regardless of age. However, Forrester's findings are worth bearing in mind as you consider the technology solutions you'll be deploying and supporting for all the many workers across your enterprise. For example, a Baby Boomer is approximately half as likely as a member of Generation Y or Generation X to own a smartphone. Only eight percent of younger Baby Boomers and six percent of older Baby Boomers say they use a mobile device for work E-mail, compared with 12 percent of Gen Xers. Understanding how different generations interact with technology will help you tailor your implementation and training strategies so that all employees can make the most of your initiatives.

This article was originally published on 10-12-2010
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