Web Filters

You have an issue. As more and more technology comes into the workplace, the sheer number of ways that employees can distract themselves is growing at a rapid rate. From social networks to online games, there are far too many options available in the office that can impede productivity. Of course, trying to change that is extremely difficult. Like it or not, your employees really do need their computers, smartphones and tablets to do their jobs. Trying to filter out select Web sites isn't really effective. Simply put, the combination of sophisticated workers and a general inability on the part of CIOs to remove technology in the workplace makes for a conundrum: Do you accept the productivity hit in exchange for contented employees, or try to fight the tidal wave, thereby wasting your own precious time? There are no easy answers, but here are the 10 leading culprits that are interfering with work. A word to the wise: Not all of these technology time-wasters can be blamed on employees.

This article was originally published on 06-15-2012
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