No More Lunch

With constrained budgets and a relatively low number of people employed at individual companies, getting more out of employees -- whether home or in the office -- is an absolute necessity. No one knows this more acutely than the CIO. A recent study from Wakefield Research, while not exclusive to IT employees, reveals notable attitudes about traditional office life versus working from home that have relevance for any IT leader. The Wakefield Research Study, commissioned by Citrix, received survey responses from 1,000 American employees and was conducted June 8-14, 2012. It highlights what workers hate about going to the office, and what they are willing to sacrifice for the flexibility to work from home just one day a week. The reasons why your workers loathe going to the office may surprise you. For many, it's not merely the day-to-day grind and dealing with disliked co-workers so much as it is the misguided efforts to force bonding and team-building exercises that alienate many workers.

This article was originally published on 07-03-2012
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