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76 percent

By Dennis McCafferty  |  Posted 08-05-2010 Print

Remember the days when a CIO could simply dash off a memo to the entire workforce and say, "We are buying Macs for everybody and that is that ..."? Well, that era may be coming to an end, according to research from IDG Research Services and RSA, which is the security division of EMC. Today, employee users of technology have a great degree of influence on which laptops, desktops, smart phones, tablets and other tech tools are used on the job. And - even though companies hardly encourage the practice - many workers use personal gadgets to tap into enterprise networks, email and business applications. This practice presents considerable security issues, as the research shows breaches being reported by large enterprises. The survey was commissioned from IDG Research Services by RSA. The report featured responses from nearly 40 CIOs and security/IT managers surveyed. Read on to learn how this employee-driven tech wave is reshaping IT decisions.


76 percent of security/CIOs/IT managers say employee/user influence on device and application-purchase decisions within the enterprise is on the rise.


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