Business Intelligence Aids Factories and Sales

McCain Foods improves the efficiency of its global factory and sales operations with business intelligence technology.

Besides installing MicroStrategy business intelligence technology in the plants, McCain Foods is also using it with its sales and commercial operations to provide information on sales, gross profit reporting, and detailed sales analysis and analytics. Rather than roll this out all at once as was done in the plants, the sales component is being rolled out country by country. "However, it was globally designed, tested and approved by all countries at one time before being rolled out to any of them," Coba emphasizes.

With the business intelligence technology, safety performance has improved in the plants, and production and throughput have increased. One reason is that the employees now have awareness of these performance metrics in a format that is easy to understand. And, as noted earlier, it also enables management to get to root causes and specific data easily and quickly.

The business intelligence technology is also affecting sales, as the McCain Foods sales team being more focused on where the money actually is and where it can be made within the channel. "It allows them to work more intelligently to drive greater sales to our customers and increase our sales and profit numbers as well," Coba says. "In other words, the money is being used in the right places, rather than where it would have traditionally been used."

In the immediate future, McCain Foods is looking to provide the reporting capabilities on mobile devices, allowing its users to access the information no matter where they are in the world.

This article was originally published on 01-30-2013
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