Sandwich Shop Replaces Paper Manuals With iPads

Capriotti's Sandwich Shop gives iPads to its new franchisees, providing them with real-time access to company information, suppliers and more.

Moving forward, Capriotti's will provide iPads to only new franchisees. For existing franchisees, the electronic version of the operations manual will be available in the near future in a wiki format, and franchisees will be able to access it through their mobile phones, their own iPads, or from any computer with Internet access.

In the past, when Capriotti’s operated about 80 stores, it was spending more than $32,000 a year on the hard-copy manual system. It cost just more than $400 a year to print a manual and the quarterly updates, and to ship copies. Now, not only is the company saving this expense, but it will continue to save even more as new stores open. (Currently, Capriotti’s plans to open about 25 new locations a year.)

Another benefit is that, by engaging franchisees with iPads, the training is more efficient and effective. "And, besides the benefits of saving money on paper manuals and reaping the improved efficiencies, providing potential franchisees with free iPads makes our business more attractive to them in the first place," says Smylie.

The future? Capriotti's is in process of rolling out a new online ordering system. One feature will be the ability to place orders directly to the shop's POS system. "Having Wi-Fi and iPads in our stores allows us to handle 'line-busters,'" Smylie says. "In other words, in the restaurants where we tend to have lines of customers going out the door, employees with iPads can take orders from customers before the customers even reach the front counter."

This article was originally published on 02-20-2013
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