Sport&Health Gets Connected

Thanks to third-party management of its phone system, Sport&Health can focus on its core business, while reducing capital expenses and telecom costs.

The phone training is relatively straightforward. "We provide training on how to handle a transfer, how to park a call, how to put someone on hold, and so on," he says. "To make it simple, we have 'cheat sheets' that we hand out to people." In addition, since Sport&Health has employees who have carried over from other clubs, they already know how to use the iCore system and can train coworkers who are new to it.

One unexpected benefit of the technology is that it gives Sport&Health some workplace flexibility with its employees. "We have had some employees tell us that they would take a pay cut if they could work from home, because it reduces their commute cost and time," says Rappaport. As a result, Sport&Health now has six people in the customer service department who are working from home in exchange for taking a pay cut. "They end up making more money 'net' since their commuting costs have been eliminated," he explains. "In sum, we have happier employees, we pay them less money, and we get the same service."

This article was originally published on 02-07-2013
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