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    IT Management Slideshow: CIOs Still Spending

    Times are tough and many organizations may be in survival mode, but CIOs are still spending, according to a recent survey conducted by Robert Half International. The firm's research shows that the majority of organizations still plan on investing on IT initiatives in the more

    Content Creation Slideshow: 7 Ways to Ruin a PowerPoint Presentation

    PowerPoint is not inherently evil, but it sure feels that way when you are trapped in the audience for a bad presentation. Some people just don't get the concept. You know who we're talking about - the folks who read each slide, word for word, more

    IT Management Slideshow: Dirty Dozen: Inside 12 IT Disasters

    by Ericka Chickowski Learning from your mistakes is good. Learning from others' mistakes is even better. We looked at 12 major IT failures to learn more about how and why they happened. Each example is unique, but they all have something in common: a chain more

    Project Management Slideshow: 10 Truths About Project Planning

    The development of business requirements and project parameters can make or break an IT project. The data in this slideshow comes from an IAG Consulting report called Business Analysis Benchmark, which was culled from a survey of over 100 organizations more

    Linux & Open Source Slideshow: Why Hadoop Has Google Fans (and Rivals) Excited

    Based on distributed computing technologies Google has publicly disclosed, Hadoop provides an open source implementation for other companies with very large data analysis challenges, including Yahoo! and Facebook. The free software, named for a toy elephant, now runs on some of the largest sites on the Web.

    IT Management Slideshow: 15 Essential Spring Books for IT Leaders

    Each season brings a slew of interesting books. This spring is no different. Works from consultants, academics and business leaders dominate the top offerings, covering topics like IT leadership, collaboration, IT careers, customer strategy and innovation. Note: publication dates are subject to change. See also: Must-Read Winter Books

    Health Care Slideshow: 10 Ways IT Makes Wal-Mart Healthier

    Big companies like Wal-Mart are backing an electronic health records consortium called Dossia. The impact on the business and practice of healthcare could be profound.

    For an in-depth view of Dossia, see this article.

    Security Slideshow: Five New Web-Borne Security Threats

    Social networking and rich media bring new threats to your data security. A report from MessageLabs, a unit of Symantec, describes several problems cropping up in the Web 2.0 world.

    Security Slideshow: 14 Insider Security Threats

    A new study by Computer Economics, "Insider Misuse of Computing Resources," looked at security risks posted by employees who inadvertently expose their organizations to possible information loss or compromise. The survey included 100 IT security professionals and more

    Mobile & Wireless Slideshow: 9 Tips for Outsourcing Mobile Operations

    With IT resources stretched thin, enterprises are finding that outsourcing various aspects of mobile deployments can make sense. Yet CIOs are discovering that deploying and managing thousands of mobile devices can be a daunting task. These tips for mobility strategy come from Enterprise Mobile CEO Mort Rosenthal.

    Outsourcing Slideshow: 9 Alternatives to Indian Outsourcing

    By Ericka Chickowski India is home to the most mature IT outsourcing companies of all offshore host countries, but no place is perfect. Indian outsourcing firms may not suit a company due to rising costs as the Indian market matures, culture and language more

    IT Management Slideshow: Six Benefits of IT Marketing

    Perception matters. Simply delivering great work is no longer enough to ensure that IT is positioned strategically versus whatever third-party services are out there in the marketplace. Dan Roberts, president of Ouellette & Associates and contributing author to Leading more

    Bottom Line Slideshow: 5 IT Roles That Drive Cost Reduction

    Five key roles are critical to achieving a lean IT organization, according to a new report from Forrester Research's "Redesign IT Roles To Drive IT Cost Reduction." These roles offer organizations a better ability to analyze possible reductions in cost of labor, more

    Leadership Slideshow: 10 Ways to Get Closer to the CEO

    Support from the CEO and other C-suite executives can be critical to the outcome of major IT initiatives, and working closely with these alleged peers in senior management is a measure of CIO success. But many CIOs, particularly those who came up through the tech ranks, more

    Workplace Slideshow: 8 Ways to Retain Talent In a Recession

    Talent retention can be a challenge, even as bad times persist. CIOs must keep essential workers happy, be prepared to hire opportunistically and to resume growth when the economy improves. That means reacting and adapting to a changes in the job market and having more

    IT Management Slideshow: 6 Ways the Current Recession is Better for IT Than the Last One

    The Great Recession, as some are calling it, is different in some important ways from previous economic downturns. Tom Silver, Chief Marketing Officer of, looks at key differences for technology workers.

    Outsourcing Slideshow: 10 Functions Ripe for Outsourcing

    As economic forecasts predict an ever-lengthening recession, CIOs will continue to be called upon to trim costs and create better operational efficiencies. We spoke with Frank Casale, CEO and chairman of the Outsourcing Institute, and Allen Weinberg, principal and North more

    Careers Slideshow: IT Job Prospects for Q2 2009

    The Robert Half Technology IT Hiring Index and Skills Report, a survey of over 1,400 CIOs at companies with more than 100 employees, shows a slowdown in hiring plans for the second quarter of this year. But some jobs, industries, and regions still project solid growth.

    IT Management Slideshow: Comparison Shopping for Software

    How well do Open Source and Software-as-a-Service options stack up to traditional, proprietary products? J. Schwan, managing partner with Solstice Consulting in Chicago, compared several factors and ranked the three categories in relation to each other. Schwan says, " more

    IT Management Slideshow: Top IT Spending Priorities for 2009, Part 4

    Money is tight, but CIOs are planning to spend on dozens of technologies. To determine which technologies will get the most budget dollars, we created the CIO Insight Growth Score, which calculates 2009 budget growth scaled to the percentage of companies that more
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