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    Eight Interesting Facts About Java

    Java, the long-lasting programming language, remains immensely popular—and for many good reasons. Java is the go-to language for millions of software developers. Java emerged as a tech juggernaut because of its unique more

    What Happens to Stolen, Sensitive Data?

    An experiment designed to lure dark Web users to steal fake bank information showed that most hackers accessed other apps, downloaded and cracked encrypted files and attempted to cover their tracks. The goal of the experiment, known as Project Cumulus, was more

    App Fatigue and Other Growing User Issues

    Is 2016 the year app fatigue will reach its tipping point? What should CIOs do to adapt to the changing needs of their employees? What will come of the duel between Google and Microsoft, and what implications will it have for future more

    Why SMBs Expect More From Their Service Providers

    Although small businesses see the value in IT services and plan to expand their investment in these services as new challenges arise, a high percentage are dissatisfied with their IT service providers. According to a new study more

    Why Innovation Is All About Many Small Steps

    While the vast majority of senior executives agree that innovation is an important organizational quality that helps them achieve goals, very few companies actually gain significant business benefits from innovation, according to a more

    Outrageous Excuses for Being Late to Work

    If you're like most managers, then you probably have to deal with certain staffers who make a habit of being late to work: A significant share of employees come in late at least once a month—if not weekly, according to a recent survey more

    Why Being Compliant Does Not Mean Being Secure

    Organizations continue to equate compliance with security, fostering the mistaken belief that meeting compliance requirements leads to a more secure enterprise. In fact, data breaches are rising in organizations certified as compliant, a new study more

    How IT Plans to Add More Green to Data Centers

    A significant share of IT managers say they routinely deal with data center power issues, according to a recent survey from Intel and Dell. Nearly as many experience data center cooling issues on a regular basis as well. As a more

    How to Combat and Recover From APTs

    In 1983, Fred Cohen, then a computer science student at the University of Southern California, demonstrated that no algorithm could perfectly detect all possible viruses and their variants. He published his findings in 1987 in ACM's journal, Computers and more

    How Office Romances Can Disrupt Work

    As a CIO, you're probably so focused on serving as the strategic bridge between tech and business that you have little time to think about, well, who in your IT department is dating whom. But, as with any topic related to interpersonal relations, more

    Panning for Data: Turning Information Into Gold

    The majority of CIOs and IT decision-makers say they can't keep up with storage demands for all of the data required for business, according to a recent survey from Western Digital Corporation and HGST. While they recognize that data more

    How to Excel Using Contract Workers

    Contingent workers make up nearly 35% of today's workforce, and 70 percent of surveyed companies expect to increase the number of contract workers, according to a recent study. The rub? Only 51% of external labor and services spend is formally more

    How Bad Data Undermines Business Results

    While most tech and business execs feel that data plays an essential role in their strategic initiatives, the majority of those surveyed believe that the presence of inaccurate data is hurting their ability to provide optimal customer more

    Why IT Spending Is All About the Business

    While most CIOs, IT execs and senior managers agree that it's important to link tech investments to key business outcomes, relatively few feel their organization does a very good job of doing so, according to a recent survey from more

    Is Sharing Data With the Government a Good Idea?

    When assessing the most foreboding of cyber-threats for 2016, CIOs and other tech professionals and managers rank social engineering and insider threats at the very top, according to a recent survey from ISACA, the global IT and more

    Why Formal Performance Reviews Won’t Disappear

    Be honest with us: Are there times when you'd rather go to the dentist than give another performance review? It's never easy, after all, to come up with a comprehensive summary of an employee's valued contributions, outstanding work more

    What’s Worse Than Stolen Data? Altered Data

    Attacks that previously were considered advanced threats are commodities today, with sophisticated malware and exploits available for the price of a movie ticket, according to Amit Yoran, president of RSA, the security division of EMC. And yet, more

    11 Best Practices for Business Intelligence

    Interest in business intelligence (BI) is surging, as big data is expected to explode into a $50 billion market in 2015—nearly doubling its current size. Why not, when BI supports so many business-critical functions, such as more

    How to Embrace Rogue IT

    You might as well embrace rogue IT, or shadow IT, which will continue to grow in importance, and its impact will be felt globally, according to Tim Kelleher, vice president of IT Security Services at Century Link. Rogue IT might just lead to innovation and competitive more

    Aligning Agile Practices With Quality Assurance

    While the adoption of agile software development for Web apps is nearly ubiquitous among organizations today, the change isn't leading to much notable advancement in quality assurance and testing, according to a recent more
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