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    Domain Name System Is a Target for Hackers

    The mission-critical Domain Name System (DNS) is increasingly a target of more creative cyber- attacks designed to cause downtime or damage, according to a new study. Attackers use the DNS to exfiltrate data or launch distributed-denial-of-service attac...read more

    Most Databases in the Cloud Are Not Encrypted

    The majority of databases in the public cloud are not encrypted, exposing sensitive personally identifiable information (PII) and protected health information (PHI), according to a new survey. The report, "Cloud Infrastructure Security Trends," revie...read more

    How Mobility Is Driving the Digital Transformation

    The internet of things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI) and other emerging technologies dominate headlines today, but CIOs and their IT teams aren't neglecting mobility either. In fact, the vast majority consider mobility a...read more

    Ex-Employees Still Cause Data Breaches

    Many ex-employees continue to have access to corporate applications and often contribute to data breaches, says a new study. Forty-eight percent of respondents in the study, "Curse of the Ex-Employees," are aware of the problem. Furthermore, 20 percent of r...read more

    How a Blended Approach to Databases Can Help IT

    With many current systems failing to make data available in a timely manner, a significant share of companies are actively evaluating new forms of database management system (DBMS) technology, according to a recent survey from Int...read more

    Digital Innovation Improves Customer Experiences

    The vast majority of CIOs and other tech leaders said that they feel under pressure to constantly improve their organization's customer experience (CX) through digital innovation, according to a recent survey from Couchbase. Fortun...read more

    Benefits and Challenges of Intelligent Automation

    Business leaders worldwide believe the success of their enterprise depends on successfully deploying intelligent automation (IA) during the next five years, according to a report from Avanade. However, while the majority of business leaders ...read more

    Why Some Business Execs Think IT Can Be Replaced

    As company culture and existing "organizational context" (attributes in the environment that can influence performance) keep CIOs from being as effective as they could be, many business executives said that IT is either sig...read more

    Why Employees Hide Cyber-Security Incidents

    Workers are hiding cyber-security incidents from their employers, according to a new study, thereby increasing overall damage. The consequences can be dire. Just one unreported incident may indicate a much larger breach, and security teams must be able...read more

    How Continuous Testing Boosts Business Performance

    With the majority of IT departments managing hundreds or thousands of custom apps and developing many of them in-house, a growing number of organizations are investing in automated continuous testing, according to a recent sur...read more

    C-Suite Builds Courage to Delve Into Business Tech

    Instead of deferring any and all tech-related issues to the IT department, today's most successful C-suite leaders are diving deeply into technology challenges and solutions, according to a recent survey from ThoughtWorks...read more

    Security or Agility? An Unnecessary Choice

    In an effort to digitally transform their companies, the majority of enterprises are integrating their security teams into DevOps methodologies—or are trying to do so—a new survey finds. Faster app development can open a company to security r...read more

    Why CIOs Should Champion Workplace Changes

    A combination of employee cultural shifts and the dominate role technology plays in our lives has resulted in organizations committing to a digital workplace, according to a recent survey from Dimension Data. The resulting report, "The D...read more

    A Lack of Integration Hampers Threat Detection

    The lack of automation integration and workflow between security and response is hindering organizations' ability to prevent, detect and respond to threats, according to a new report from the SANS Institute, "Integrating Prevention, Detection and Re...read more

    World-Class IT Organizations Deliver Greater ROI

    World-class IT organizations are significantly boosting the bottom-line performance of their companies, according to recent research from the Hackett Group. The accompanying report, "Beyond World-Class Service: IT's Digital Capability Imperat...read more

    How to Become a Best-in-Class Digital Company

    A commitment to emerging technology, when combined with a dedication to better user and customer experiences, is translating into significant revenue gains for companies, according to a recent survey from Alfresco. The resulting report, "The Gre...read more

    Why Companies Are Adopting DCIM Solutions

    A majority of IT departments are deploying data center infrastructure management (DCIM) solutions and are reaping significant savings, according to a recent survey from Intel Data Center Manager and Schneider Electric. The resulting report, "DCIM So...read more

    Managing Third-Party Risks and Internet of Things

    Efforts to mitigate third-party risks in the internet of things ecosystem are lagging, despite recognition that the IoT introduces new security risks and vulnerabilities, according to a new study. Companies rely on technologies and practices that...read more

    DevOps and Cloud Combo Boosts Software Performance

    While relatively few companies are making extensive use of both cloud computing and DevOps, those that commit to both are achieving vastly improved key performance indicators (KPIs) as a result, according to a recent surv...read more

    The Critical Need to Patch Vulnerabilities ASAP

    A new report claims that by the time a vulnerability is disclosed, 80 percent of exploits already exist, but only 70 percent of vendor-provided patches are available. The analysis, conducted by the Aberdeen Group, is based on data provided by Veriz...read more
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