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    IT Pros' Biggest 2014 Fear: Data Loss

    IT professionals face a multitude of issues each day, but none are larger than the threat of losing data or failing to properly backup and secure mission-critical information, according to a new survey of 230 IT workers by Iron Mountain. " more

    CIOs Need Predictive Analytics to Excel

     CIOs must turn to predictive analytics to help their organizations navigate the swift pace of business changes, according to a new research report from Gartner. The report, "Predicts 2014: Business Process Reinvention Is Vital to Digital more

    How Continuous Delivery is Redefining IT

    If your organization isn't fully committed to the concept of continuous delivery of software, then it may only be a matter of time. The vast majority of companies have at least started transitioning to this IT model, according to a recent survey more

    CIOs Fall Short in Reaping Gains From Big Data

    They set aside big bucks to gather it. They hire hotshot IT talent to analyze it. And the highest levels of the C-suite are determined to fully exploit it in the interest of ROI. So why do so many organizations struggle with big data? more

    10 Tough Disaster Recovery Questions for CIOs

    What's worse than having a CEO and board of directors grill you about your disaster recovery plan? Well, not having a good answer for every question, especially if they're asking after the worst has happened, as opposed more

    How the CIO's Role Will Change by 2018

    A recent IDC study, "Worldwide CIO Agenda 2014 Top 10 Predictions," describes the challenges that CIOs face with the advent of mobile, social, big data and cloud services, which it calls the Third Platform. This platform will require an entirely more

    IT Struggling With File Management

    Thanks to the ever-expanding availability of mobile devices and cloud-based storage—not to mention the sheer volume of information, data and docs that they deal with every day—IT departments are having a difficult time staying on top of file more

    How to be a Mobile Strategy Leader

    According to a recent IBM study, "The 'Upwardly Mobile' Enterprise: Setting the Strategic Agenda," mobile leaders are investing in BYOD strategies, recognizing that they require a new approach to IT support and customer service. more

    Totally Bizarre, Real-Life Interview Mistakes

    We realize that, while conducting a job interview, you may be seeing too much ill-conceived behavior from candidates lately. In addition to arriving unprepared or dressing inappropriately, some may think nothing of multitasking during more

    IT Seen as Growth Engine for CPGs

    A new survey of CIOs at 27 leading consumer packaged goods (CPGs) companies finds that they are increasing their investments in new technologies to drive business growth, according to The Boston Consulting Group (BCG). These technologies include social more

    IT Needs Help Against Cybercriminals

    Security is a top concern in the enterprise, and according to a new survey of 350 IT professionals by RedSeal Networks, it's also the largest morale killer for IT professionals, many of whom have tried for years to stay ahead of malicious more

    10 Ways to Ask Great Questions

    Let's face it: Most of us love great interrogation scenes in movies or TV shows. From countless detective shows to 24 to the climax of A Few Good Men ("You can't handle the truth!"), we get a vicarious rush when we see a more

    CIOs Gaining Confidence in IT Hiring, Investments

    It would be a stretch to describe the U.S. economy as "robust." However, it sure appears to be moving in the right direction. And that's good enough for CIOs to boost their forecast for both hiring and IT investment in 2014, more

    IT Unprepared for a Bolder Digital Future

    "Do it right or do it fast?" This is the dilemma that CIOs and their IT teams face today. And, for many, the answer is "Both!" This reality will reach new levels of organizational pressures in 2014, according to a new annual survey of CIOs from more

    Top Cyber-Security Trends for Financial Services

    CIOs and CISOs harbor "acute concerns" about cyber-security risk management in today's new normal of persistent cyber-threats, according to management consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton. The firm enumerates how banks can cope in its third annual more

    10 Predictions for Business Analysts in 2014

    In the era of big data, it's a great time to be a business analyst. Thanks to the wealth of ever-incoming data with immense potential for organizational or business value—not to mention complexities introduced by mobility, the cloud more

    Shadow IT's Growing Footprint

    The "shadow IT" phenomenon may be a bigger issue than companies have realized. As software-as-a-service (SaaS) apps have risen in effectiveness, stature and influence, their use outside the purview of IT has spread like wildfire. Such are the findings of a study more

    Pressure for More Agile IT Organizations Grows

    On one hand, IT organizations acknowledge that they are under pressure to deliver applications more rapidly than ever. On the other hand, a new survey of 155 senior IT professionals at Fortune 1000 companies, conducted more

    IT Executives Lack Cyber-Defense Resources

    Senior IT executives have neither enough resources to manage IT functions effectively nor to adequately defend against cyber risks, according to a new survey by Consero Group, which offers invitation-only, industry-specific events for senior more

    Uncertainty Slows Hiring Plans for Many Companies

    In the near future, we may view 2013 as a building-block year that paved the way for better things: more staffing, more IT innovation and more organizational growth. However, the overall economy will need to demonstrate a sign of firmer more
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