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    How to Spot a Star Manager in the Making

    If you're like many CIOs, you've probably hired a large share of talented Millennials who are making valuable contributions. And some may indicate to you that they'd like to be considered for managerial jobs. Not every IT standout, however, can more

    Nine Major Productivity Killers

    In a world that's constantly driven by getting work done as quickly as possible and moving on to the next task, time management has become a major concern for employees, the business side, and especially CIOs. Companies around the globe are turning to more

    Business Taking DIY Approach to App Development

    While outsourcing has dominated tech-related business headlines in recent years, one IT-led development appears to be bucking that trend: the deployment of apps for enterprise users, according to a recent survey from Antenna more

    Social IT Emerges as a Silo Smasher for CIOs

    In order to encourage collaboration and otherwise abandon siloed work processes, CIOs and other tech leaders are pushing their organizations to implement what's called “social IT." Social IT is defined as "the use of more

    Employees Motivated by Praise, Not Money

    Seven of every 10 employees are not engaged, research shows. So why should CIOs and other tech managers care? Because employee engagement directly impacts company performance. Departments within the top half of their organization in employee more

    Cloud-Based Collaboration Pays Off

    The cloud is all the rage in today's rapidly changing corporate space. Companies around the globe are deploying cloud solutions and CIOs are more than happy to listen to pitch after pitch from service providers to see what might be the best more

    Ten Ways to Improve Employee Retention

    In a number of recent features, such as Demand for IT Pros Is On the Rise, we've reported how competitive talent recruitment has gotten. To just cite one report, seven of 10 CIOs say it's challenging to find skilled IT pros today, according to more

    Nine Tough Questions That Your Board Will Ask

    Admit it: You get a case of the butterflies before you make a formal presentation to your organization's board of directors. That's fine—and perfectly natural. After all, you'll never gain a complete sense of certainty about more

    How Games Can Drive Employee Achievement

    The “games people play” these days are often launched by CIOs and other senior executives as gamification is emerging as a viable business trend. For external purposes, the concept may produce outcomes such as greater brand more

    11 Compelling Arguments for Mobile IT Investments

    As indicated in past features, effective CIOs realize that they can't justify major IT acquisitions based strictly upon tech-focused criterion. To win over influential members of the C-suite, they must introduce convincing more

    Are Virtualization Plans a Recipe for Disaster?

    Given perceived benefits such as lower costs and increased automation, the majority of CIOs and other IT decision-makers would like to move major applications to a virtualized environment—if they aren't there already. more

    Companies Failing to Track Website Performance

    A surprising number of organizations aren’t conducting the level of Website performance management required for business success, according to a recent survey conducted by Vanson Bourne and commissioned by Borland, a Micro more

    Smart Partnering Strategies Pay Big Dividends

    To understand why and how IT organizations are sourcing, and recent shifts in their strategies and motivations, IBM’s Center for Applied Insights conducted a study, “Why Partnering Strategies Matter: How Sourcing of Business more

    How to Reduce IT Operational Costs

    Cost savings are all that CIOs are thinking about each day. The business side is constantly putting pressure on CIOs to reduce the impact the IT budget is having on the company. And in many cases, CIOs have achieved those goals. But in a surprising more

    Ten Technologies That Will Transform Data Centers

    Here's a trivia question that only a CIO could love: "What's a memristor?" (No googling please, we'll give you the answer at the end of this slideshow.) That said, to provide a hint, it's one of the "Ten Technologies That Might more

    How Company Values Drive Financial Gains

    CIOs, other executives and employees all place a high priority on corporate values—and feel their organizations should be doing more to convey a sense of meaningful purpose, according to a recent survey from Deloitte. Yet opinions vary more

    An Inside View of the State of BYOD

    In the land of the enterprise, there is one trend that CIOs, no matter how hard they try, simply can't sidestep: Bring your own device, or BYOD. At a shockingly rapid rate, companies around the globe are letting their employees to bring their more

    12 Revealing Insights From CIOs

    CIOs appreciate that the IT budget is growing. However, they're concerned that their organizations will still fall behind due to a lack of innovation. They recognize the value of gender diversity, but they concede that their actual hiring more

    Demand for IT Pros Is On the Rise

    The job market has improved over the last year, but most people would agree that things could be better for just about everyone. The unemployment rates in the U.S., Europe and worldwide is still high, and some people are having an exceedingly difficult more

    Nine Flaws of Bad Managers

    For CIOs, non-stop deadline pressures, relentless customer and client demands, turf wars and internal personality clashes can all amount to business as usual. But that doesn’t mean you should lower yourself with managerial and personality traits that more
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