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    CIOs Seeing Slow but Steady Hiring Comeback

    Overall, the economic recovery can be likened to a tortoise as opposed to a hare—slow and steady seem to be winning this race. And CIOs are finding that prospects for their IT departments are no exception, according to survey results more

    The Changing Dynamics of Data Storage

    A new survey of 568 IT professionals working in organizations with 200 or more employees conducted by NaviSite, a cloud service provider, finds that nearly one-quarter of an organization’s IT budget is now allocated to data storage and that, due more

    Ten Technologies That Will Disrupt Business

    It enables you to literally hold in your hand the same amount of computing power that the world’s fastest supercomputers commanded four decades ago. It has created a brave, new world in which machines communicate with each other, more

    Ten Things You Should Know About WebRTC

    Don't you think it would be great if you could engage with customers, employees, and partners accessing voice, video and data-sharing apps on a Web browser without any plug-ins? Thanks to developments with WebRTC technology, this is becoming more

    Businesses Provide Mobile Technology Insights

    The corporate world is changing by the minute. At one time, it seemed that there was a simple equation to doing business, and often times, it came down to how well the CIO could implement a product or service for the company. more

    Ten Considerations for CIOs Seeking to Insource

    Many organizations are now looking to transition outsourced assets and functions to an in-house model. CIOs, of course, are frequently in the loop here because many of these initiatives involve IT. So why are companies making this move? more

    BYOD Practices Remain a Work in Progress

    The state of bring your own device (BYOD) practices remains very much an evolving picture within the enterprise, according to a recent survey from CTIA-The Wireless Association. CIOs and other tech decision-makers believe, for example, that more

    Five Tough Job Interview Questions

    In a recent feature, we presented eight job-interview techniques to better assess a promising job candidate's genuine traits and values. As indicated, much is on the line as bad hire will cost organizations at least $25,000, according to research more

    Companies Are Ill-Prepared for IT Storage Changes

    IT departments appear ill-equipped to handle an anticipated migration to a virtualized or cloud environment for their big data storage needs, according to a recent survey from EMC. The resulting report, Managing Storage: more

    Businesses Trusted Despite Recent Data Breaches

    The onus for safety is not on the individual, but on the company. That's a bitter pill for some CIOs to swallow, knowing full well that the average customer or employee isn't securing their products as well as they could. And companies have a greater more

    Americans Proud of Their 'Inner Geek'

    If your IT department employees seem giddy today, it’s not necessarily because of the upcoming Memorial Day weekend: May 25 has officially been declared “Geek Pride Day.” To mark the occasion, Modis, an IT staffing company, has produced a more

    Organizations Falling Short on BYOD Savings

    Organizations aren't simply allowing bring your own device (BYOD) adoption on the part of their employee/users—they're embracing it. Why not, given how much they can save with respect to equipment/operating expenses while increasing worker more

    Nine Reasons Why the Enterprise Loves the iPad

    Apple has been a quandary for some in the technology industry. On one hand, the company's products are ideal for consumers who want (and can afford) elegant, intuitive and easy-to-use devices. On the other hand, Apple has frequently said that it more

    13 Ways to Determine a Candidate's Soft Skills

    CIOs are under the gun now to land the very best tech talent available in an increasingly competitive recruitment environment. But it won't do much good to hire a collection of incredibly competent but ultimately dysfunctional employees, more

    Increasing Performance With Monitoring Solutions

    In the corporate environment, ensuring that employees remain productive while still keeping everything secure is no easy task. For years now, CIOs have been imploring their business colleagues to add more resources to IT budgets, more

    Eight Great Job-Interviewing Techniques

    How often has an IT department job candidate knocked it out of the park during the interview process—only to fall completely flat starting on his first day on the job? It's a common frustration. Many interviewees are skilled at saying all more

    Ten Questions That Every CIO Should Ask

    Many bosses think of their role as “outward looking." Meaning, they look out of their offices and make sure that all of their employees are doing what they're supposed to be doing. But truly effective CIOs and other managers also realize more

    How Open Source is Changing the Enterprise

    If open source software hasn't already emerged as a commonly used tool throughout your enterprise, it likely will before long, according to a recent survey from North Bridge Venture Partners and Black Duck Software. Once associated with more

    CIOs Struggling to Meet Mobility Challenge

    We may be living in the Mobile Age. But CIOs and other tech and business leaders say their organizations are falling far short of expectations in pursuing mobile strategies, according to a recent survey from TEKsystems. With the realization that they more

    The Ten Commandments of Disaster Recovery

    How much can a flawed disaster recovery and business continuity plan cost you? Try an average of $90,000 for every hour of downtime among corporations, according to Strategic Research. Whether we're talking a hurricane, flood, terrorism or more
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