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    CIOs' Tech Priorities: BI, Mobility, the Cloud

    An annual state-of-the-CIO survey from Gartner’s Executive Programs reveals that today’s senior technology executives are experiencing a period of transition. They realize that they’re only beginning to fully exploit tech& more

    Now Hiring: IT's Haves and Have-Nots

    With each new year comes new opportunities. A good number of employed IT professionals are currently looking for a new job. And many companies are deciding what positions they will fill this year, and are actively looking for personnel for those slots. more

    How BYOD is Viewed in the Enterprise

    The BYOD craze is sweeping the enterprise. Companies around the globe are warming to the idea of allowing consumer-focused products into the enterprise for the purpose of doing business. And in some cases, the benefits of BYOD have registered more

    CIOs' Top Eight Trends in 2013

    What's on your radar for 2013? If you're like many CIOs, you want more insight into which cloud models to pursue for your organization. You and your IT staffers are struggling to make better use of big data. And you're keenly interested in more

    Ten Ways to Kill Innovation

    Do you feel like your organization "talks a good game" when it comes to innovation, but fumbles when it comes to execution? Ever wonder why you and your teams spend so much time laboring on routine, process-based IT tasks rather than putting new, creative more

    All-Time Boneheaded Job Interview Mistakes

    You may want to think twice about asking certain prospective hires to just "Be honest and be yourself" during a job interview. That's because there are some job seekers out there who don't have a good sense of what's appropriate to say during more

    iPad Adoption on the Rise in the Enterprise

    Apple has been saying for well over a year now that the iPad is making headway in the enterprise. In fact, Apple CEO Tim Cook said that the slate is being adopted by the vast majority of Fortune 500 companies. Smaller enterprises are more

    Ten Qualities of 'Best and Brightest' Companies

    Are you working for an organization that's considered top of the line? As a CIO, you have to sell your company to IT job candidates. And, as reported here in previous slideshows, the recruitment wars for top tech talent is only expected to more

    Pay for CIOs and IT Staff on the Rise

    Pay for IT professionals has risen from about $77,770 to more than $79,300 over the last year, according to an annual tech salary survey from Janco Associates. Translation: Compensation levels are now back to pre-Great Recession levels. And CIOs at more

    Smartphone Users Seek Instant Satisfaction

    More people now own a smartphone in the U.S.—45 percent of adults—than own a cell phone, according to a recent Pew Internet & American Life poll. Smartphones will account for a $320 billion market by 2016, industry more

    IT Spending Projected to Increase in 2013

    Those who believed 2012 was a big year for the IT sector haven't seen anything yet, according to research firm Gartner. It recently forecasted that total IT spending will be up 4.2 percent this year, and is actually rising faster than more

    Ten Outrageous Job Interview Questions

    Do you go out of your way to avoid asking interview questions that every job candidate has heard countless times before? You know the ones we’re talking about. (“Where do you envision yourself being in five years?” “What more

    Ten Signs That You're Losing Your Confidence

    To succeed as a CIO, you must command the ear of the C-suite--as well as rally your IT department--with a sense of assertive leadership. But in this era of rapidly shifting business conditions, many senior executives may find their sense of more

    Hiring Prospects Brighten for 2013

    Do your New Year's plans include increasing the number of tech employees in your department? Join the club. A growing percentage of hiring managers and HR executives say they'll add more staff members in 2013, according to a recent survey from more

    Five Pros and Five Cons of Open Source Software

    The premise of open source software sounded like a techno-hippie dream when the Free Software movement kicked off in the 1980s. Since then, however, the concept has paved the way for much-loved tech icons such as the GNU/Linux more

    Consumer Products Find a Home in the Enterprise

    Consumer products were once banned in the enterprise. CIOs believed that allowing consumer products into the office invited security and productivity issues that couldn't be easily solved, and that the company would lose money as a more

    Managed Services Options Growing for Enterprises

    More value-added resellers, systems integrators and other channel firms are offering managed services for CIOs and other customers, according to recent survey research from CompTIA. Traditionally, concerns about revenue, staffing and the more

    More Cloud Means More Worries For Enterprise Users

    The enterprise's reliance on the cloud is expected to increase in the coming years. And most CIOs, seeing that trend, are trying to determine--if they haven't already--whether it's a good idea to follow it and move some more

    New Year's Resolutions For CIOs

    It’s time for another year of new challenges and new decisions for CIOs. Over the last 12 months, things have changed rapidly in the enterprise world. Mobile products, like those from Apple and Samsung, have more and more made their way into the more

    Data Loss, Outages and Disaster Recovery

    When it comes to IT priorities, much of the day-to-day focus is on the cloud, productivity, and lately, mobility. Security is a large concern, but it’s typically viewed as a secondary concern after a particular technology or solution is more
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