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    10 Trends CIOs Should Watch in 2013

    Not that long ago, the enterprise was predictable year in and year out. Now CIOs knew that in the current year they would be using BlackBerry smartphones, and the next year they would be using the same devices. The cloud was something they heard vendors talk more

    CIOs Seeing Benefits from Bigger Budgets

    A sizable share of CIOs say they're working with larger IT budgets in 2012 than they did last year, according to the latest, annual Society for Information Management (SIM) survey. With a membership of more than 3,500 CIOs and IT executives, SIM conducts more

    Ten Ways to Practice Perfection with Your IT Teams

    Practice doesn't actually always make perfect. But it certainly can get you and your teams to better. Too often, however, we confuse the length of time spent honing our skills with how much we actually improved. Because spending a lot of time more

    10 Things to Consider about Windows 8

    With Windows 8 now on store shelves, CIOs are forced to consider the impact the operating system might have on their operations. For months now, we’ve been hearing all about Windows 8 and why Microsoft believes  it will be a more

    Tales From the 2012 Gartner Symposium

    Research firm Gartner's 2012 Symposium showcased some of the most important trends and data affecting the IT world. The symposium is home to speakers who take time to discuss trends, share information. Peter Sondergaard, head of global research at Gartner, more

    10 Facts CIOs Should Know About the New iPads

    On Oct. 23, Apple finally took the wraps off its iPad Mini. The device, which was rumored for months, comes with a 7.9-inch screen and a new design. In addition, the tablet, which Apple says is capable of being held in one hand, will more

    Ten Ways to Ensure Disaster Protection in the Cloud

    In a sense, the cloud is all about trust: You're outsourcing critical IT functions such as storage, data management, tech support and application oversight to a third party. The cloud is saving organizations a lot of money more

    Why CIOs Hire Bad Employees

    We’re sure at one point you’ve looked at one of your workers and thought, “How the heck did he ever end up in my IT department?” Every IT department has a couple of bad apples. In fact, 46% of rookie hires won't survive their first 18 months more

    IT Jobs: Software Developers, QA Pros in Demand

    In the IT world, current skills matter more than what the person has done in the past. For CIOs looking to hire new IT professionals, determining what they can get from them in the future is everything. And until a job candidate can prove more

    10 Things Every CIO Should Know About Google

    There was a time when Google wasn’t, well, Google. The company was trying desperately to establish itself as a player in the online world, and the average consumer was its target. Enterprise users, meanwhile, meant very little. And in the more

    The IT Industry Gets Into the Political Swing of Things

    With the U.S. Presidential election just weeks away, it’s hard to escape all of the news and information surrounding it. From the latest polls to the debates, just about everyone out there is in some way invested in the candidates. more

    How Your Board of Directors Thinks About IT

    What's on the minds of your company's board members? CIOs and other top tech managers may be comforted to know that these elite-level decision makers consider IT as a critical, growing priority, according to a recent survey from PwC. As companies face more

    The BYOD Culture Inspires Innovation

    One-fourth of all global information workers have empowered themselves to use multiple personally-owned devices and applications to get work done, according to a recent survey report commissioned by Unisys and conducted by Forrester Consulting. more

    What Employees Are Hiding About Their Mobile Habits

    Mobile devices have become integral at today’s best and brightest companies. Without help from smartphones, tablets, and even lightweight notebooks, like Ultrabooks, there’s no telling what the enterprise would look more

    Ten Ways to Bring Out Your Samurai Leadership Skills

    Is it possible to take on ruthless competitors, formidable market change, cut-throat office politics, and still maintain integrity? Yes, it certainly is, according to the book, "Samurai Business: The Way of the Warrior for Professionals in more

    CIOs Get No Respect From the C-Suite

    Do you feel left out of the most critical conversations between top executives in your organization? You're not alone. The vast majority of CIOs say they're not part of their company's business planning, according to a recent survey from CA Technologies. The more

    Twitter, Facebook Find Friends in the Enterprise

    The enterprise hasn’t always been so willing to play nice when it comes to social networking. In fact, for years, access to sites like MySpace, Twitter, and even Facebook was blocked by corporate firewalls. The idea of allowing those sites more

    10 Simple Reasons Employees Hate the BlackBerry

    There was a time when the corporate world was beholden to the BlackBerry. The devices were attached to the hips of nearly everyone, it seemed, and without them, people would feel lost. Nowadays, though, things aren't so sweet for the more

    How Much Do America's Highest-Paid CIOs Make?

    The ten highest-compensated CIOs in America come from a broad range of blue-chip companies in diverse industries, from finance to health care to insurance. There's even a massively popular home-improvement chain, as well as a transportation more

    Companies Struggle to Wrangle Big Data

    Big Data is here, and it's a problem that IT departments are going to have to deal with now and in the future. In fact, the Big Data market will reach $106 billion this year, according to Gartner. And many companies are struggling with their wealth more
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