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University of San Diego Picks Cloud-First Security

The university turns to cloud-based privileged account management to improve efficiency and security, while saving costs and IT staff time.

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CIO at Ed Tech Company Leads the Way to the Cloud

The former CIO at Red Hat has taken the reins at Ellucian, an education technology company that serves 2,400 institutions.  

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University of Massachusetts Learns Cyber-Defense

The University of Massachusetts turns to a more structured approach to security using SANS critical controls.

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Creating a Video Management Strategy

CIOs who are considering an enterprise video strategy for their organizations can learn a lot from tech leaders in higher education about how to get started.

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Wireless Network at FIT Brings IT Back Into Style

At FIT, the IT department is deploying a wireless network in a campus that includes multiple buildings in one of New York’s most densely populated areas.

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For New Website, Sesame Street Goes Open Source

Switching to open source software has allowed Sesame Street to create, manage and continually refresh its Website—and win several impressive awards.

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IT Careers: Executive Shuffle Doesn't Slow Down in Summer

This installment of CIOs on the Move is marked by senior IT executive shuffles at 28 companies, including ADP, DHL, and Whirlpool Corporation. Information for this feature is provided exclusively to CIO Insight by the researchers at DiscoverOrg. Read More »

iPad's Dominance Helped by Enterprise, Education Markets

Apple CEO Tim Cook, following sales of 17 million iPads during the second quarter and strong sales to the education market, said he has yet to see any competitor gain any level of traction. Read More »

Hot IT Projects at Biogen, Sony Pictures and 22 Other Firms

Infrastructure upgrades, a data center buildout and a major virtualization implementation are among the hot IT projects underway at the 24 top companies featured in this roundup. Information for this feature is provided exclusively to CIO Insight by the researchers at DiscoverOrg.

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