SCADA Security Worries Researchers

Posted : 02-06-2012

Researchers examined the state of security in SCADA and industrial control systems and presented an ugly picture of the vulnerabilities and challenges in addressing the issues. Read More »

Apple, Foxconn and the Human Cost of Electronics Manufacturing in China

Posted : 01-31-2012

NEWS ANALYSIS: Apple's contract manufacturing at Foxconn is getting all of the attention, but the problem is far wider. If you want to find one source of the problem, look in the mirror. Read More »

Analysts Speculate AMD Will Lower Forecasts, Following Intel's Lead

Posted : 12-14-2011

Some analysts expect AMD, like Intel, will be forced to lower quarterly forecasts due to HDD shortages caused by the Thailand flooding. However, others say AMD may be in a better position than its larger rival. Read More »

How Lean Principles Can Benefit Process-Driven IT

Posted : 10-05-2011

For many companies, IT tends to be a functional silo removed from the organization’s core operations. All too often, that leaves us with too much data or the wrong kind of data -- both of which work against the goal of IT, which is to help system users make good decisions. We need to break that pattern. Read More »

Microsoft's Billion-Dollar Nokia Deal

Posted : 03-08-2011

Microsoft is reportedly paying Nokia more than $1 billion to port Windows Phone 7 on its hardware. Data suggests the effect on the U.S. market could be negligible. Read More »