The End of Remote Work?

Posted : 01-03-2018

Companies are suddenly curtailing telecommuting programs. Is this wise or foolish? Read More »

Widespread Employee Snooping Threatens Companies

Posted : 01-02-2018

Employees are snooping for unpermitted information on their company's corporate network, underscoring the need for identity and access management and putting organizations at risk, a new study finds. IT executives with seniority are the worst offenders. Because companies are not adhering to best practices regarding user... Read More »

Why IT Is Prioritizing Robotic Process Automation

Posted : 12-20-2017

Nearly all CIOs and other IT decision-makers consider robotic process automation (RPA) as a crucial part of their company's IT strategy, according to a survey from Redwood Software. The resulting report, "The 2017 Robotics Pulse Check," indicates that RPA has emerged as a growing priority over the last year, given its... Read More »

Why Every Company Needs AI

Posted : 12-15-2017

As if we needed any further validation that the age of artificial intelligence (AI) has arrived: Literally every organization either has AI solutions in place, or plans to invest in the technology over the next two years, according to a recent survey from Cylance. The resulting report, "Artificial Intelligence in the... Read More »

The Mortgage Bankers Association's CIO Runs Strategy and Member Services for Good Measure

Posted : 12-15-2017

Peter Grace is the CIO and SVP of Strategy and Member Services. In this role, he has the traditional CIO responsibilities, but he has leveraged his background as consultant and process expert. Read More »


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