10 Employee Issues to Watch for This Holiday Season

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10 Employee Issues to Watch for This Holiday Season

10 Employee Issues to Watch for This Holiday Season

1: Links, Links, Everywhere
One of the biggest security issues is that the number of malicious links floating around the Web increases during this time of the year. Consider sending a memo reminding employees to not click on unknown links.

With the holiday shopping season fast approaching, the time has come once again for CIOs to worry. Each year, the shopping season arrives and delivers all types of security and productivity-related problems to the average CIO’s inbox. Employees spend too much time thinking about holiday shopping while in the office than actually getting their work done. And as CIOs know all too well, the end result is the company’s loss.

However, those losses might be averted. Fortunately, today’s corporate world is filled with workers who are extremely predictable. Regardless of whether they’re buying a new tablet or the latest and greatest smartphone on their work computer, you can almost be certain how they’ll do it, when they’ll do it, and what they might do to ensure they can get to the gifts they want for family and friends. And understanding all of that helps CIOs mitigate losses and keep employees productive.

This article was originally published on 11-28-2012
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