Demand for IT Pros Is On the Rise

The job market has improved over the last year, but most people would agree that things could be better for just about everyone. The unemployment rates in the U.S., Europe and worldwide is still high, and some people are having an exceedingly difficult time finding a job. It's to the point now that many people have become discouraged, and view getting a job as something that they will never be able to achieve.

That said, things appear to be much different in the IT sector. According to new data from job site Monster, which recently surveyed 200 enterprise-level employers who recruit IT professionals, demand for people in the IT sector will increase in the coming months. And those who have more skills and are in the most-desired areas might find it easier to find a suitable job.

"The demand for IT expertise remains relatively stable with employers confident that they will look to fill these types of roles in the near-term," says Jeffrey Quinn, a Monster vice president. "Meanwhile, on the job seeker side, the IT jobs viewed on Monster see millions of views each month, indicating high interest by, if not volume of, potential candidates seeking employment in this field."


The Best Job Markets for IT?  Look no further than New York, Washington, D.C., and Boston.

This article was originally published on 06-11-2013
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