Eight Great Job-Interviewing Techniques

How often has an IT department job candidate knocked it out of the park during the interview process—only to fall completely flat starting on his first day on the job? It's a common frustration. Many interviewees are skilled at saying all the right things, but aren't capable, or are unwilling, to deliver once they come on board. In one particularly enlightening section of the recent book The Winning Manager's Playbook: 6 Practices Every Manager Needs to Succeed (Career Press), authors John Cioffi and Ken Willig focus strictly on this complex dynamic, offering these and other innovative interviewing techniques to drill down to the essence of a recruit. It's an important topic, given that 41 percent of companies say that a bad hire will cost them at least $25,000, according to research from CareerBuilder. And more than one in five companies say these employees make a negative impact on client solutions. In addition to interview tips, The Winning Manager’s Playbook also covers a broad range of managerial topics. Cioffi is a veteran business coach and runs Goal Makers, a business-consulting firm. Now deceased, Willig was a business partner of actor John Wayne and served as founder of Goal Makers.


Total Recall  Ask them to summarize something you described earlier in the conversation, to access whether they both listened well and understood it.

This article was originally published on 05-17-2013
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