IT Jobs: Software Developers, QA Pros in Demand

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 10-23-2012
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IT Jobs: Software Developers, QA Pros in Demand

According to Dice, job postings for software development or developers bested all others with a total of 14,616 openings in October.

In the IT world, current skills matter more than what the person has done in the past. For CIOs looking to hire new IT professionals, determining what they can get from them in the future is everything. And until a job candidate can prove that what they can provide goes above and beyond what the CIO is getting from his or her staff right now, there’s only a small chance of that person being hired. Nowhere is that more apparent that in the October job data Dice recently revealed. The company, which provides a place for IT professionals to look for and find available jobs, found that when it comes to job descriptions, it all comes back to skills. The more an employee can do, and the greater their expertise in certain areas, the more valuable they are. Of course, for CIOs reading this, that’s probably not a surprise. For years, IT managers have been looking for skilled professionals. But these days, those skills are even more valued. In October, the desire for certain skills hit an all-time high. Is it a sign of an improving job market? Are certain IT professionals more valued than others? Find out here.

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