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Pay for CIOs and IT Staff on the Rise

By Dennis McCafferty  |  Posted 01-17-2013 Print

Pay for IT professionals has risen from about $77,770 to more than $79,300 over the last year, according to an annual tech salary survey from Janco Associates. Translation: Compensation levels are now back to pre-Great Recession levels. And CIOs at large enterprises are clearly benefiting from this as their overall mean compensation, including bonuses, has climbed more than 6 percent within this time period. Other notable trends include: Outsourcing is "out," as many companies are moving help desks and data-center oversight back in-house. In special demand are positions associated with quality control, records management and data-center operations management. And the median CIO tenure has increased from four years and two months to four years and three months. While that may not seem like a huge increase, it's part of the reason why compensation is going up for this position, Janco reports. Not all of the news, however, is encouraging. In fact, a wide range of corporate benefits, including health and savings plans and bonuses, are on the decline. Data from nearly 250 large and 785 medium-sized organizations was analyzed to produce the findings, which clearly depict an earnings gap between tech pros at medium-sized enterprises compared to large ones.


More for CIOs  $182,210 is the mean compensation for CIOs at large enterprises, compared to $165,820 for CIOs at medium-sized organizations.


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