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Six Outrageous Questions From Job Candidates

By Dennis McCafferty  |  Posted 03-05-2013 Print

In a previous slideshow, we were happy to share some really bizarre questions that managers have asked job candidates. Since turnabout is fair play, we're now presenting the following outrageous interview questions that real-life potential recruits have asked of their interviewers. Apparently, some job contenders don't think twice about expressing inclinations to avoid work, pursue office romances and show up for interviews ill-prepared. While the hunt for top tech talent remains highly competitive, it's safe to say that a prospect who would ask any of these questions would quickly land in your "reject" pile. The list was compiled by OfficeTeam, a staffing services company. To provide a more positive perspective on this topic, OfficeTeam has also come up with several smart questions that you should look for candidates to pose, and we're happy to include those here as well . More than 650 HR managers participated in the research.


Dress Code  "Is it OK to wear shorts to work?"


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