Ten Outrageous Office Holiday Party Incidents

In addition to overseeing the tech stuff, you may be called upon to help organize the IT department’s holiday party this season. Or be expected to attend a company-wide event. If so, watch out. Because combining employees with an excess of holiday cheer can result in an overload of bad behavior. It can also lead to productivity problems: 64 percent of Americans have called in sick or know someone who has missed a day of work after attending a holiday party due to a hangover, according to a recent survey from Caron Treatment Centers. Other common behaviors include arriving late and/or leaving early, mentally “checking out,” having difficulty completing work-related tasks and getting sick at the office. In another survey, The Creative Group reveals the following 10 outrageous, real-life holiday party incidents. Hopefully, your IT staffers will exercise much better restraint and judgment. "Company events are for getting to know coworkers better and having fun, but employees should keep their behavior in check," says Donna Farrugia, executive director of The Creative Group. "As with any social interaction with your boss and colleagues, it's important to display professional etiquette, even outside of office walls." The following examples of excess were compiled from interviews with an estimated 575 executives in Canada and the U.S.


5. Bare Bosses
All the managers wore boxer briefs.

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