A Geek's Guide to IT Management

For people to excel in the workplace, a company needs to provide them with the right combination of technology, process and management.

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We discovered that most people want to fix what is wrong. They want to make things better. They want to do the right thing. What gets in their way is a combination of technology, process and sometimes management. (Yes, all of the things I loved!) I can sum up our philosophy in the following guiding principle that we use:

Senior management knows best WHAT needs to be fixed,
the people doing the job every day know best HOW to fix it.

All you need to do is to find a way to give these people an opportunity and you will be surprised at the results you can achieve. This geek has spent the past five years working with people and culture. What a surprise! It is not what I would have imagined I would be doing when I started my career.

P.S. I am still a geek!

About the Author

John Palinkas is a partner at The IT Transformation Institute. ITTI is a catalyst for transforming the IT industry. ITTI helps change the DNA of IT teams, solving today’s problems and breaking the cycles that led to them, and to create next-generation IT organizations. John has spent more than three decades in the IT services industry, working with industry leaders like AT&T, AT&T Solutions and British Telecom. He has led numerous multimillion dollar, multiyear outsourcing and service-delivery engagements for dozens of Fortune 500 firms. He has extensive experience and expertise in IT transformation efforts, outsourcing analysis, M&A integrations and service implementations. John serves on the executive committee for NJ SIM Chapter, the leadership team of NJ itSMF LIG, and is a regular contributor to CIO InsightHe can be reached via email at John.Palinkas@TransformingIT.org, and you can follow him on Twitter via @jpalinkas.

You can read his previous CIO Insight article, “Why Are You Using Social Media Channels?”, by clicking here.

This article was originally published on 10-14-2013
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