Capital Power's CIO Helps the Firm's Bottom Line

Darryl Vleeming, Capital Power's CIO, talks about the strategic use of technology, his IT road map, attracting tech talent, analytics, the cloud and the IoT.

Strategic tech

High: What are some other strategic priorities in your IT road map?

Vleeming: We have eight different strategic priorities, ranging from what we call foundational goals to differentiating goals. Let me take those in order. Our foundational goals include:

  • Provide cost-effective, innovative, information systems. Maintain and deliver cost -effective information systems, shifting focus from in-house core infrastructure to a combination of on-premise and hosted infrastructure for a robust, innovative and secure solution.
  • Ensure appropriate security. Ensure the privacy, security and integrity of Capital Power information, while making authorized access to information easy.
  • Enable operational efficiencies. Use business applications to enable operational efficiencies for Capital Power business units through improved processes and reduction of effort or cost.
  • Provide collaborative solutions. Provide collaborative solutions to all areas of the business to foster improved communication and efficiencies.
  • Focus on customer experience. Align IS services with business needs through excellent customer service and technologies that improve employee engagement.

Our differentiating goals include:

  • Optimize construction and operations technology. Drive increased profitability and cost reduction in the construction and operations of Capital Power's generating assets for maximum reliability and efficiency.
  • Work your way. Ensure that people have the technology to work, regardless of location or platform
  • Focus on IS talent. Attract and retain high-quality talent, and engage and empower them by committing to staff development and professional growth through clear career paths and recognition.

High: What methods have you used in order to attract IT talent to Edmonton?

Vleeming: We have not had too much difficulty in finding IT talent in Edmonton. We have a strong culture in IS. For instance, we were only one percent off of the top quartile in TalentMap's Canadian Engagement results in the last engagement survey that we were a part of. That reflects the extent to which we can attract high-quality employees.

High: What other trends excite you as you look to the future?

Vleeming: We have a cloud-first strategy, and by 2020, we will have eliminated one of our two data centers by moving 95 percent of our applications to the cloud. We also believe that analytics for operational data is going to have a bigger impact on how we operate as a company—improving availability and reducing maintenance costs, e.g. preventative maintenance.

Finally, improvement in the use of data for real-time operation of our plants will be a game changer. There are literally thousands of pieces of data generated every second at our plants that can be used better to manage operations. Think IoT.


This article was originally published on 02-02-2017
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