IT Leadership 2.0: Transform Yourself or Fade Away

Today’s leaders face obsolescence. They must quickly master the art of building high-performing, innovative cultures or they will be replaced like an antiquated technology.

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You must learn to drive innovation by using professionals as a competitive weapon; you must become an expert at creating innovative and high-performing cultures, where the talent infrastructure is your focus; and you must develop expertise about all aspects of organizational design, so that walls and silos are replaced by bridges. Sincere, open and transparent dialogues must become the norm, and cross-functional collaboration should pervade every aspect of your organization. Talent must be embraced, nurtured and grown, and not outsourced to the lowest priced provider. That said, success is always a balancing act. Although the focus has shifted toward talent, it remains vital to fully leverage process management, vendor management, strategy, risk management, and more, and ensure these aspects of IT are well governed.    

Many individuals reading this article will shrug and say, "Our infrastructure stack is so complex and proprietary it could never move to the cloud." We can all agree that the speed of this transition will vary by company. But it must happen. The transformation is already here. Jump on the tsunami, ride it, and become a true leader of talent. Transform yourself, and your organization, into a place where the human factors that unlock workforce innovation and productivity are used as valued tools. If your teams are not flourishing, you won’t either.   

There is no time to waste. Your resume had better show accomplishments that speak directly to these changes. Companies are already looking for the leaders of tomorrow, today. If you are a legacy leader, call Houston. You have a real problem.  

About the Author

Frank Wander, a former CIO, is founder and CEO of PeopleProductive, and author of Transforming IT Culture, How to Use Social Intelligence, Human Factors and Collaboration to Create an IT Department That Outperforms (Wiley, 2013). This unique book is the very first operators manual for the human infrastructure, and will help you successfully ride the tsunami.

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This article was originally published on 05-14-2014
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