Managing an Employee's Multiple Devices

Delivering consistency across multiple devices and managing endpoint devices in a user-centric fashion is critical to enabling success in the enterprise.

Mobile devices

Deploy a single management foundation (or consolidate multiple management disciplines into a single foundation).
Given the new model of management, organizations that are starting out can deploy a single tool that allows them to manage across all device types, while managing in a user-centric fashion. Organizations that have multiple tools to manage devices today, however, need to make the leap sooner rather than later and consolidate device management into a single, streamlined management framework which will result in reduced software licensing, annual maintenance, labor and overall management costs.

Continue to adapt and evolve. 
As new devices, operating systems and platforms emerge, you will continually be challenged to revisit your objectives, re-evaluate your organizational structure, and ensure the tools you have selected are evolving to keep up with your new needs. Embrace that challenge by starting out with the right integrated, user-centric management approach.

If you follow these six steps, you'll be well on your way to providing a consistent end-user experience for your employees, regardless of their preferred devices.

About the Author

Snehal Parikh is vice president of enterprise products at Accelerite, a wholly owned subsidiary of Persistent Systems.

This article was originally published on 07-10-2014
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