Technology for People, by People

Digital tools are adapting to us by interacting in more human ways, using elements such as touch displays, mixed reality and natural-language processing.

Tech for people

Workforce Marketplace

The future of work has arrived. Driven by technology, companies are radically reinventing the way businesses are designed, built and run. With a surge in on-demand labor platforms and online work management solutions, digital leaders are fundamentally changing their workforce structure by dissolving traditional hierarchies and replacing them with open talent marketplaces.

The resulting on-demand enterprise will be the key to the rapid innovation and organizational changes companies need to transform into truly digital businesses. Such enterprises will drive the most profound economic transformation since the Industrial Revolution.

Design for Humans

The next frontier of digital experiences includes technology that's designed specifically for individual behavior. Today’s digital leaders have already come to realize that accounting for unique human behavior in the design of machine interfaces expands the quality of the experience and the effectiveness of the technology.

When technology works with people—operating at a more human level to understand behaviors and goals, and respond appropriately—companies suddenly have access to a level of personalized customer insight never before possible.

The Uncharted

"Business as usual" is no longer enough to even maintain the status quo, nevertheless succeed. In today’s ecosystem-driven digital economy, businesses need to transcend disparate markets to define the rules and standards for entirely new digital industries.

To thrive, companies must shift from market taker to market shaper, seizing leadership roles to establish clear guideposts—including ethical, technology and government mandates. Those who take the lead will find a place at or near the center of their new ecosystem, while those that do not risk being left behind.

The pace of change being felt across industries and the market overall is not abating. Businesses are realizing that maintaining transactional relationships with people—customers, employees, partners and stakeholders—is not enough to effectively compete in today’s landscape.

To capitalize on these changes, enterprises must create a human-centric holistic approach, to effectively work with people and for people. In doing so, leading companies will employ new strategies, models and technologies to propel their businesses forward. With every business clamoring to claim a position for itself in this new digital world, the question that remains is: How will you get the most out of your people?

Marc Carrel-Billiard is a senior managing director of Accenture Labs.  Follow him on @mcarrelb.

This article was originally published on 03-28-2017
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