The Five Traits of the Quantum IT Organization

These five traits are not about technology. They are about people, attitudes and relationships. The future belongs to IT leaders who understand this.

Start at the Beginning

The five traits represent five pieces of one whole. But there is a form of hierarchy in how they are developed. They evolve dynamically and in parallel, but also based on the success of the more foundational traits. Creating a learning organization is the core foundation because it sets the organizational mindset to one that will be open to change. Creating discipline and rigor is the ticket to the dance. Transparency creates a new and deeper level of trust, which in turn opens the door to a truly intimate relationship. And it is only through a deeply intimate relationship that an organization can understand their customer well enough to create the type of dynamic environment that is needed to drive game-changing business value.

Many organizations are embracing the building blocks of the dynamic organization: virtualization, private clouds and other similar technologies. But those IT leaders who believe they can realize this vision through technology alone will find themselves in a very uncomfortable position. They will have the technology, but lack an organization that has the traits and skills necessary to operate it. It will be like building a sports car, but not knowing how to drive. It will only be those IT leaders who lead their organizations through the process of developing and evolving all five traits that will find their way into the Quantum Age.

It’s About Your People

While his journey in Orange County is far from over, Manfredo has showed his people that change could happen. And the results speak for themselves. In less than two years he was able to create order out of the chaos he first found. There was the 77 percent reduction in SLA exceptions. There was the 75 percent reduction in service restoration time. But the biggest impact was on the attitude of his team. One of his managers said it best when he told him, "I have been here for 18 years and there have been numerous changes in management, but nothing changed in how we worked until you got here."

That is the secret of the Quantum Age of IT and these five organizational traits. It is not about technology or even organizations. It is about people, attitudes and relationships. The future belongs to the IT leaders who understand this and invest accordingly.


About the Author

Charles Araujo is the founder and CEO of The IT Transformation Institute. He is a leader and expert in the areas of IT transformation and IT organizational change, and serves on the boards of itSMF USA and The Executive Next Practices Institute. He frequently speaks on a wide range of subjects related to his vision of the future of IT.

This article was originally published on 01-11-2013
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