The Four Roles of the New IT Leader

The roles of the new IT leader include trend spotter, negotiator and mediator, information weaver, and business process innovator.

It will take a significant amount of both skill and insight to be able to see opportunities where others only see business-as-usual. Using the skills that will also make you an effective trend spotter, negotiator and information weaver, you will be able to create discrete combinations of technology and business processes that become unique differentiators for your organization. The new IT leader will be best positioned to serve in this role. Your ability to see across the organization, combined with your view of existing and emerging technologies, will make you a valuable asset in any organization. 

Getting Comfortable With Your New Role

As we enter this new era for IT organizations, your role as an IT leader will change. You will still be focused on technology, but not necessarily on the technical aspects of it. Your success as a trend spotter, as a negotiator and mediator, as an information weaver and as a business process innovator will be driven by business acumen and interpersonal skills. Your ability to understand and assimilate technology will be key. However, it will be your ability to understand the business challenges and opportunities and to build deep cross-functional relationships that will set you apart.

It is a new world that we find ourselves living in. It can be difficult to grasp that the technical skills that have gotten us where we are may be our undoing. But for those new IT leaders who understand the changing landscape and can adapt to the needs of this new environment, it will be an exciting time. It will be a time in which we are able to serve a vital role to the organization and fulfill the promise that IT has always held.  

About the Author

Charles Araujo is the founder and CEO of The IT Transformation Institute, which is dedicated to helping IT leaders transform their teams into customer-focused, value-driven learning organizations. He is the author of the book The Quantum Age of IT: Why Everything You Know About IT is About to Change, is presently at work on two new books. Araujo is also the creator of DeepRoots, an organizational change methodology designed for IT teams. He frequently speaks and writes on a wide range of subjects related to his vision of the future of IT. You can follow him on Twitter as @charlesaraujo.

This article was originally published on 03-01-2013
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