The Three-Step Process for Becoming the Next Apple

With this simple three-step procedure, your IT team will have the atmosphere, process and opportunity for them to suggest and help implement an array of innovative ideas.


The Best Ideas Aren't Born Perfect

Ideas require time, consideration and hands-on molding to reach a stage where they even look presentable. After that, they still need a lot of testing and massaging before their true value comes to light.

Once upon a distant time there was an Apple personal digital assistant called Newton that failed miserably. It was a huge public embarrassment for Apple. I'd bet the original designs for the iPod were ungainly at best. However, Apple's internal culture let these ugly ducklings develop and they've since gone on to change the world.

Give your team the atmosphere, process and opportunity to do similarly great things.

About the Author

Marc J. Schiller has spent more than two decades teaching IT strategy and leadership to the world’s top companies. Through online courses, speaking engagements and corporate consulting, his company educates IT pros at all levels on how to be more effective, influential and successful in their IT careers. Get access to free videos and an excerpt from his book, The 11 Secrets of Highly Influential IT Leaders, at www.marcjschiller.com/resources.

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This article was originally published on 04-14-2014
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