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Social IT Emerges as a Silo Smasher for CIOs

By Dennis McCafferty  |  Posted 07-02-2013 Print

In order to encourage collaboration and otherwise abandon siloed work processes, CIOs and other tech leaders are pushing their organizations to implement what's called “social IT." Social IT is defined as "the use of collaboration-based technologies to enhance communication, productivity, knowledge-sharing, and decision-making within IT organizations and between IT and end user communities," according to ITinvolve. To highlight the abundance of increasing activity on this front, ITinvolve recently released a survey of nearly 400 U.S.-based IT pros, managers and executives with the results clearly indicating that there is an active level of interest in social IT projects among organizations. In fact, a large share of companies have already launched efforts. However, few of them have developed formal execution plans, findings reveal. Says Matthew Selheimer, vice president of marketing for ITinvolve, "What may have started with the simple idea of exploring how social principles in our personal lives might apply to our IT work is now trending toward a fundamental rethinking of how IT professionals get their work done." For more about the survey, click here


Award Opportunities  25% say they have reward and recognition systems in place for social IT accomplishments.


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