Ten Ways Apple Is Infiltrating the Enterprise

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Ten Ways Apple Is Infiltrating the Enterprise

Ten Ways Apple Is Infiltrating the Enterprise

1. Blame BYOD
The Bring Your Own Device craze has been a huge driver of Apple product adoption in the enterprise. Today’s corporate employees are increasingly buying devices like the iPhone 5 and iPad, and CIOs are letting them use them in the office. Why? According to most analysts, the cost savings is enough to address budget shortfalls, and with some security tweaks here and there, the issues aren’t all that major.

Apple has done the impossible. For decades, the company was largely ignored by enterprise customers as CIOs viewed it as a firm with products designed specifically for consumers. The very thought of bringing Apple products into the corporate world was, for many IT decision-makers, a joke. And for Apple, making the decision to not appeal to enterprise customers was a non-starter. The future, Apple believed, was in the consumer market, and enterprise customers would be a distant secondary market.

Nowadays, things have changed dramatically. Apple products, including the iPhone, iPad, and even Macs, are entering the corporate world at a tremendous rate. And CIOs, the guards who once ensured Apple products would never slip into the company’s offices, are now welcoming these devices. Today, it’s not uncommon to see an iPhone 5 in someone’s hand while they’re working on a MacBook Air. It’s a different corporate world.

Flip through the following 10 slides for the ways in which Apple has infiltrated the enterprise.

This article was originally published on 12-14-2012
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