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9 Things Microsoft Must Do In 2013

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 01-02-2013 Print

Microsoft had an eventful 2012. The company launched two operating systems–Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8–in the span of a month, and got into the hardware game with its Surface tablet. 2012 proved to be a rather interesting year for Microsoft, with the decline of PCs and the rise of mobile devices, but its many supporters believe it had a successful 12 months, especially as the company reasserted itself in the face of growing competition from Apple and Google.

But looking back at 2012 really doesn’t do Microsoft much good. The company is a major force in the ever-changing technology industry, but its standing as a leader has never seemed so tenuous. In the following slides we will examine some of the things Microsoft must do in 2013 to reassure users (and investors) that it will be successful.


1. Launch a Smartphone
One of the first things Microsoft should do next year is launch its own smartphone. Sure, HTC and Samsung might not like it, but they are doing little to help Windows Phone 8. It’s time Microsoft takes matters into its own hands.


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