How to Reduce IT Operational Costs

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 06-18-2013 Print

Cost savings are all that CIOs are thinking about each day. The business side is constantly putting pressure on CIOs to reduce the impact the IT budget is having on the company. And in many cases, CIOs have achieved those goals. But in a surprising number of cases, they've failed at that. In fact, a new study, Challenging the Status Quo on Maintenance Contracts and Refresh Cycles to Lower Costs, from Network Hardware and Forrester Consulting, in which 304 IT decision-makers were polled, has found that in far too many cases, companies haven't been successful at reducing their IT costs because, well, they don't know about existing opportunities.


Investing in Services and Hardware   37% of IT decision-makers expect to spend more on IT services and hardware in the next year.

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