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IT Aids in Company Efficiency and Business Growth

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 12-13-2012 Print

For CIOs, identifying the value of IT departments isn’t all that difficult. For years, you’ve been working in a field that values technology and understands its benefits for the average company. And chances are you’ve gone out of your way to make everyone in your company understand that without IT, it would be impossible to be successful. As you’ve said time and again, without IT and a close relationship between it and the business side, there would be no fast-growing, innovative company.

Unfortunately, some folks don’t agree. In every company, there are people who look at the IT side as a major expense that shouldn’t be involved in day-to-day decision-making. IT is support, those folks might say, and not an asset to the company’s revenue-generation efforts.

However, a new study from Juniper Networks has found a much different scenario is playing out in the wild. IT departments are not only important, but they’re making companies more efficient. And the closer a company’s business side works with the IT side, the more likely its chances of being successful.

Flip through the following slides to find out about the important ways in which IT departments are helping their companies.


IT can be a key component of a company’s success. In fact, 20% more of high-performing companies, as opposed to average-performing firms, told Juniper Networks that IT plays a critical role in their financial performance.


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