Ten Essential Leadership Qualities of a CIO

True leaders are always looking for ways to improve, whether they're employees or middle managers or CEOs. Of course, that includes CIOs. So consider the following as a list of skills and qualities that you always want to work on. They include developing the capacity to think in terms of big picture planning and execution, while never losing control of essential, day-to-day IT tasks. They also involve a number of personal traits that will help you build trust company-wide. By now, it's no revelation that a CIO must convey much more than a command of IT trends and practical uses. To emerge as a top exec who contributes far beyond that of "the tech boss," you have to demonstrate a more well-rounded skill set. With this in mind, these leadership qualities were compiled from BusinessInsider.com, as well as consultant and speaker Ian Alderton. Alderton is a former CIO at Wachovia Corporate and Investment Banking Technology in Europe, as well as for Prudential Financial and N M Rothschilds & Sons. For more about BusinessInsider's tips, click here, and for Alderton's, click here.


Promote Utility  As opposed to being swayed by the latest, greatest hype, drive toward this simple value judgment of proposed tech: How will it make us operate better, smarter, faster or cheaper?

This article was originally published on 04-16-2013
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