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Ten Ways to Improve Employee Retention

By Dennis McCafferty  |  Updated 07-04-2013 | Posted 06-27-2013 Print

In a number of recent features, such as Demand for IT Pros Is On the Rise, we've reported how competitive talent recruitment has gotten. To just cite one report, seven of 10 CIOs say it's challenging to find skilled IT pros today, according to the latest IT Hiring Forecast and Local Trend Report from Robert Half Technology. It's particularly difficult to staff networking, data and database management and help desk and tech support roles. But are you putting as much thought into keeping the talent you have, as opposed to hiring new staff? After all, the better you are at engaging valuable employees, the less effort you'll need to make in replacing them. And when you effectively engage, you immediately reap bottom-line benefiting rewards: Organizational departments that are in the top quarter of engagement will experience 37 percent less absenteeism, 25 percent less turnover and 21 percent higher productivity than counterparts in the lowest quarter, according to research from Gallup. With this in mind, Janco Associates has come up with the following 10 ways to boost your department's retention. They range from higher-minded, managerial traits—such as strategic goal-setting—to softer skills, like listening skills, fairness and a grasp of the fun factor. For more about Janco's list, click here.


Play Time  Use gamification techniques to motivate staffers to win awards based upon their performance with business-benefiting goals.


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