Ten Reasons Why CIOs Fail

Although estimates run the range, as many as seven of 10 IT projects fail, according to industry research. If you and your IT teams are linked to more than your fair share of these, you'll likely be perceived as a failure as well. That's not exactly conducive toward getting promoted or receiving a decent raise, and you could get fired as a result. The following top 10 list from Janco Associates illustrates the many reasons why top technology managers stumble out of the gate—and how to avoid this fate. Many of these reasons are based upon a CIO's lack of adequate oversight over tech projects. Others demonstrate shortcomings in accountability to users and stakeholders. And then there are the classic lapses in personal style and communications that will derail the career of any leader. If there's a common theme here, it's that a high-performing CIO doesn't have to possess great tech talent. He simply has to get the very best out of the tech talent that he does have.


Incessantly Dropping Buzz Words  IT jargon is a crutch for CIOs who don't know how to communicate simply and clearly to a broad group of business users.

This article was originally published on 03-29-2013
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