How Much Do America's Highest-Paid CIOs Make? 05

The ten highest-compensated CIOs in America come from a broad range of blue-chip companies in diverse industries, from finance to health care to insurance. There's even a massively popular home-improvement chain, as well as a transportation corporation that represents one of the nation's oldest railroads. As one would expect with their impressive pedigree, the CIOs on this list are well compensated for their expertise and efforts - all are making well over $3 million and the top overall CIO raked in nearly $9 million last year. And it's reassuring to see that, despite impressions that the glass ceiling is alive and well even in the 21st century, organizations are recognizing the value of talented females in the highest levels of IT management: Four of the CIOs on the list are women. The list was compiled by Janco Associates Inc. Both the base, bonus and total compensation figures are taken from 2011. All earnings figures have been rounded off. For more about the list, click here.


Glen Salow, Ameriprise Financial
Base: $575,000
Bonus: $3.7 million
Total: $4.3 million
Did you know ... Salow once said, "No one knows where marketing begins and technology ends. The amount of insight each group has into that space - regardless of where the line is - becomes pretty intense."

This article was originally published on 10-10-2012
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