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10 Reasons CIOs Need the iPhone 5 03

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 09-19-2012 Print

CIOs likely aren’t the first customers Apple was thinking about when it was developing the iPhone 5. After all, corporate IT decision-makers tend to be loath to make the leap to Apple products. And in far too many cases, a battle erupts between Apple’s policies and what the average company is looking for in a product. It’s an issue that can’t be easily escaped. And it’s something that every CIO must contend with before deciding whether the iPhone really is right for his or her company. On Sept. 12, Apple announced the iPhone 5. That device, perhaps unlike some of those that came before it, is a much easier purchase for CIOs to make. From its outstanding new processor to the addition of 4G LTE, it’s hard not to get excited by what the iPhone 5 offers. The handset has once again established itself as the go-to option for companies seeking mobile products. And aside from the BlackBerry, which still persists in the enterprise to some extent, it appears Apple’s latest handset will be the device all CIOs will want when it launches on Sept. 21. Here CIO Insight shares  more about the iPhone 5, and why the handset really is the device that CIOs need.


3. Employees Will Love It
The corporate world is now governed by the tastes of employees. Far too often, employees will come into the office, say they want something, and it’ll happen, simply because the business side thinks it’s the right move. Sometimes, it’s not. But in the case of the iPhone 5, it definitely is.


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